If you want to find the secrets of the
universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration.
—Nokola Tesla; inventor,
physicist, supergenius
When I lived in Albuquerque, New
Mexico, my friends and I used to hang
out at this western bar called Midnight
Rodeo. It was the kind of place that had
curling irons and hair spray in the
women’s bathroom, Bud Light on
permanent special for two bucks a can,
and a solid oak dance floor the size of a
We were all from the East Coast and
were way too cool for country music, so
at first we’d go just to snootily make fun
of it all, taking great pride in being the
first to spot a particularly gigantic belt
buckle or a cowboy sporting one of them
handlebar mustaches big enough to cover
five upper lips. But our favorite part
was the line dancing. We’d stare
mesmerized by the giant, choreographed
mass of Garth Brooks fans, stomping
around in synchronized woo-hooery with
their thumbs purposefully tucked into the
front pockets of their jeans.
It was so hilarious that we started
joining in ourselves, waving from the
middle of the sea of cowboy hats to our
friends—watch this! Then, uh, we’d stay
on the floor for the next song, just to try
and get that part down where you click
your heels right before the spin. Then we
found ourselves sneaking off every
weekend to merrily line dance our little
achy breaky hearts out.
This is sort of the same way the God
thing happened for me. It started out with
much snarkiness and eye rolling, but I
was so broke and clueless and sick of
being such a weenie about really going
for it in my life, that I was open for
suggestions. Which is why, when I
started reading books on finding your
calling and making money and getting
over yourself already, and they all had
this spiritual side to them, I didn’t toss
them in the Goodwill pile with my usual
this God/spirituality crap is for suckers
attitude. Instead I decided to give good
old God a chance because I had nothing
to lose. Literally. And lo and behold,
some of it wasn’t totally idiotic. So I
started reading more about it. Then I
started studying it. Then I started putting
it into practice. Then I noticed how much
better it made me feel. Then I started
believing it. Then I noticed all these
awesome shifts starting to happen in my
life. Then I became obsessed with it.
Then I started loving it. Then I started
radically changing my life with it. Then I
started teaching it. Now I’m basically
riding the mechanical bull about it,
punching my fist in the air and hollering
to the guy manning the controls, “Hit it,
Wherever you happen to stand on the
God issue, let me just say that that this
whole improving your life thing is going
to be a lot easier if you have an open
mind about it. Call it whatever you want
— God, Goddess, The Big Guy, The
Universe, Source Energy, Higher Power,
The Grand Poobah, gut, intuition, Spirit,
The Force, The Zone, The Lord, The
Vortex, The Mother Lode—it doesn’t
matter. Personally, I find the God word
to be a tad too loaded, I prefer Source
Energy, The Universe, The Vortex,
Spirit, The Mother Lode (all of which I
will use interchangeably throughout this
book, FYI). Whatever you choose to call
it isn’t important, what is important is
that you start to develop an awareness
of, and a relationship with, the Source
Energy that’s surrounding you and within
you (which is all the same energy), and
which will be your best pal ever if you
give it a chance. Because here’s the
All of us are connected
to this limitless power
and most of us aren’t
using but a fraction of
Our energy is taking a joy ride in
these bodies of ours; learning, growing,
and evolving along the way (one would
hope, anyway—I suppose, numbing,
shrinking and moving back in with our
parents is also an option), until our
corporal journey comes to an end and
we move on . . . thanks for the lift! This
realization, that we’re made up of, and
connected to, Source Energy, made me
want to have a deeper understanding of
spirituality so I could make my physical
experience as awesome as possible.
And let me tell you, ever since I got into
it, it has been awesomeness maximus.
When I’m connected with Source
Energy and in the flow, I am so much
more powerful, so much more in tune to
my physical world and the world
beyond, and just so much happier in
general. And the more I meditate and the
more attention I give to this relationship
with my invisible superpower, the more
effortlessly I can manifest the things I
want into my life, and do it with such
specificity and at such a rapid rate that it
makes my hair stand up. It’s like I’ve
finally figured out how to make my
magic wand work.
If loving Spirit is wrong, I don’t
wanna be right.
• The Universe is made up of Source
• All energy vibrates at a certain
frequency. Which means you’re
vibrating at a certain frequency, and
everything you desire, and don’t
desire, is also vibrating at a certain
• Vibration attracts like vibration.
Otherwise known as The Law of
Attraction, the basic idea is: Focus on
that which makes you feel good and ye
shall find (attract) that which makes you
feel good.
We’re all attracting energy to
ourselves all the time whether we
realize it or not. And when we’re
vibrating at a low frequency (feeling
pessimistic, needy, victimized, jealous,
shameful, worried, convinced we are
ugly) yet expect high frequency,
awesome things and experiences to
come into our lives, we are often
You need to raise your frequency
to match the vibration of the one
you want to tune into.
It’s like trying to listen to a certain
radio station but tuning in at the wrong
frequency. If you have a hot and sexy
date and want to listen to 105.9FM Slow
Jamz, but set your dial to 89.9FM
National Public Radio, you’re not only
going to be Slow Jamless, but you’re
more likely to attract a discussion about
immigration laws in the U.S. instead of
attracting a relaxed and candlelit body
that’s in the mood for love.
The Universe will
match whatever
vibration you put out.
And you can’t fool The
Which is why when you’re vibrating
at a high frequency, awesome things
seem to flow to you effortlessly and you
seem to stumble over the perfect people
and opportunities all the time (and vice
versa). As Albert Einstein observed,
“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining
When you learn to consciously
master the energetic realm,
believe in the not yet seen, and
stay in your highest frequency,
you harness your innate power to
create the reality you desire.
So once again, good ole awareness is
your key to freedom. Once you realize
that you can dramatically improve your
situation by connecting with Source
Energy and raising your frequency, you
can freakin’ do it already (I’ll show you
exactly how later) instead of opting to
stay in the suckhole and feeling like a
victim of pathetic circumstances such as
microwaving ramen in its Styrofoam cup
for dinner or working for someone who
makes your flesh crawl.
In order to truly raise
your vibration, you’ve
got to believe that
everything you want is
available to you. And
the best way to keep
this belief strong is by
staying connected to
Source Energy.
It’s like we’re surrounded by this big,
all-you-can-eat buffet of incredible
experiences and insights and feelings
and opportunities and things and people
and ways to share our gifts with the
world, and all we have to do is align our
energy with what we want and take
decisive action to allow this good into
our lives. And this decisive action part
is key. Sadly, we can’t just float around
our neighbor’s pool on a raft with cupholders, sipping cocktails and being all
high frequency while waiting for
unicorns to fly down from the sky. We
have to take action—hell-bent-for-glory
kind of action.
The trick is to have both parts—
energy and action—working in unison:
unless your energy is lined up properly
with that which you desire, really desire,
any action you take is going to require
way more effort to get you where you
want to go, if it gets you there at all.
Once in a while you may get lucky doing
one without the other, but if you get very
clear on what you truly want (rather than
what you think you should want), believe
that it’s available to you regardless of
your present circumstances by staying
connected to Source Energy and keeping
your frequency high, and take decisive
action, you will eventually succeed.
Have you ever had a dream where
you’re flying and you’re having such a
blast but then you realize, hey, wait a
minute, I’m flying—I can’t fly, and then
you come crashing back down to the
ground and you can’t get yourself back
up again? No matter what you try? This
is the way beliefs work. Even if it seems
impossible, you have to have faith
anyway, and the second you stop
believing, you pop the bubble and stop
attracting the magic in your life.
The Force is with you.
This isn’t just about believing and
being all high-vibe when the sun is out
and the bunnies are hopping around,
either. This is about believing, even
when things are at their most uncertain
or absolute crappiest, that there is a
bright shiny flipside within your reach.
As French author and fearless truthseeker, André Gide, so aptly put it, “One
does not discover new lands without
consenting to lose sight of the shore for a
very long time.” This is about believing
that we live in a loving, kind and
abundant Universe instead of one that’s
petty, mean, and likes other people more
than it likes you.